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Kappa Opioid Receptor Agonist (TP-2021) Implant

for the treatment of moderate-to-severe chronic pruritus

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In October 2020, Titan entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with JT Pharmaceuticals, Inc., or JT Pharma, for the acquisition and development of JT Pharma’s kappa opioid agonist peptide, TP-2021 (formerly JT-09), for use in combination with the ProNeura technology. James McNab, Jr., a member of Titan’s board of directors, is a principal of JT Pharma. Several years ago, Titan began limited laboratory work in in collaboration with JT Pharma to assess the feasibility of delivering TP-2021 through peptide-infused ProNeura implants in animal models.

Initial work focused on TP-2021’s ability to activate peripheral kappa opioid receptors, with the ProNeura implant potentially providing a non-addictive treatment for certain types of pain. Recently, Titan’s work with TP-2021 has pivoted to explore the feasibility of also using the ProNeura implant in the treatment of chronic pruritus, a debilitating condition defined as itching of the skin lasting longer than six weeks. In 2015, an estimated 23 – 44 million Americans suffered from chronic pruritus in the setting of both cutaneous and systemic conditions. Current treatments include anti-histamines, corticosteroids, and over-the-counter lotions, all of which are relatively ineffective and may have undesirable side-effect profiles.

The antipruritic effect of kappa opioid agonists is thought to be related to their binding to kappa opioid receptors on keratinocytes, immune cells and peripheral itch neurons. Titan believes, based on early animal data, that subcutaneous implantation of the ProNeura implant could potentially deliver therapeutic concentrations of TP-2021 for six months or longer following a single in-office procedure. Titan is conducting the initial non-clinical studies designed to establish proof of concept in an animal model. If successful, Titan will need to conduct Investigational New Drug, or IND, enabling safety and pharmacology studies in animals.

The ProNeura® Long-term, Continuous Drug Delivery Platform

Titan's proprietary long-term, drug delivery platform provides continuous drug release and non-fluctuating medication levels over a period of six months or longer depending on drug characteristics. ProNeura products are subdermal implants that are intended for treating chronic diseases for which the maintenance of stable medication levels could offer advantages over other routes of administration.

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